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Congrats! We are honored to have been a part of your journey. 

*These are highlights. If we edited your book and you would like it linked here, please send me an email with link, front cover image (JPEG), and any awards/accolades. Thank you.


Catch a Falling Star
Leah Downing

Amazon #1 Best Seller 2016
Winner 2016 Beverly Hills International Book Awards, Cross Genre Fiction

Path of Least Resistance
Leah Downing

Amazon #1 Best Seller 2017

The Fat Rules
Misti D. Mosteller

Author Misit. D. Mosteller has signed with Paradigm, with a series proposal currently in the works.

A Message from Jessie
Buck Blodgett

Author Buck Blodgett is currently on a national radio tour promoting The Love Is Greater Than Hate Project—the nonprofit foundation created to stop male on female violence. A movie treatment has been completed and is in talks with investors.

South Texas Drag

Tony Molina

Amazon #1 Best Seller 2017

Lucky Number 9

Rina Tham

Currently in the midst of a world tour, Author Rina Tham is on a mission to put her book in the hands of underprivileged children around the world. Next stop—Indonesia.

You’re Not Helping

Ryan Patricks

Optioned with half-hour series in development.

Santa Muerte

Lucina Stone

Winner 2016 International Latino Book Award,Best Novel Sci-Fi Fantasy

As Nora Jo Fades Away
Lisa Cerasoli

Optioned through 2017 with Sony, series in development.

The Princesses of Silicon Valley Series
Anita Claire

Since 2014, Anita has published 7 books and counting. She currently has 150+ reviews on Amazon.

Through Fire and Rain
MaryAnne and Joseph Anselmo with Lisa Cerasoli

I Didn’t Abandon My Baby
Warren Paul Martinez

Take Heart
Lauren Michelle Smith

Catching Raven
Lauren Michelle Smith

A Matter of Seconds
Carmen Ortiz

Make the Job Need You!
Earnest Robinson Jr.

Make Your Life Need You
Earnest Robinson Jr.

Marlene Summers

The Picture Kills
Ian Bull

Six Passengers, Five Parachutes
Ian Bull

The Hunt
Rob Ercolino

The Square Donut
Lauren Crane

Michael R. Simpson

“Hello, God.”
Sada Beltran

Budget Bucks in Your Lap

Gale Arden Bott

My Funeral, My Way
Angela Hope De Simone

I Married A Sociopath
Sabrina Brown, DrPH

Ghetto Bastard: Book 1
Russell Vann

Ghetto Bastard: Book 2
Russell Vann

Dark Dawn
Jason Medina

Back to the World
Rise Phillips

Project Nephili
T.L. Farmer

Western Lights
Andrew Furst

The Lonely Farmer

B. Magruder

Attack at Khoda Bridge
Frank Mitchell

Pathfinder's Pyramid
Frank Mitchell


Plug Ugly Ball
John Thomas Everett

Maseah Mountain
John Thomas Everett