Full Editorial & Design Services


All services are à la carte, but editing and design service package deals are available upon request. One great way to maintain continuity and vision is to have a team that's with you from the onset. Please don't hesitate to contact us for details and clarification. Proofing services are available upon request.


Editorial Services

All editorial services are to copy edit as suggested for publication.

  • Polish/Line Edit

  • Structural Edit

  • Moderate Structural Edit

  • Radical Restructure

  • Developmental

Project Rate Pricing: .016–.050/word
Hourly Rate: $75 to $90


Cover Design

Front cover design: $350
Traditional full cover design: $575
Specialty covers start at $750 (special graphics and illustrations)

ALL cover designs include full cover, FB banner (Twitter and Instagram), Kindle AD, print book AD, e-book cover.

ghostwriting services

Co-authorship and ghostwriting services are generally priced at project rates, starting at $10k for 10–20k words.

Hourly Rates: $100 to $125

E-Book Conversion

Standard conversion is $400, with an option to go hourly at $75.

If your book is under 12 chapters with little-to-no graphics, hourly option is best.


Interior Design

Standard, custom interior design: $575 to $850
Pricing varies based on numbers of chapters and images in book.

Specialty interior design—pictures, illustrations, charts, and graphs, etc.—TBD. If your book is tiny, we can create a "tiny" fee, too.



This is a Story Merchant Books' specialty.

Treatments: $3,500-$12,000
Feature-length scripts and pilots for television: TBD